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My thoughts on roast profiles and ADR.

Since returning from Sonofresco, I have been letting my customers and clients know that they too can become their own Artisan Coffee Roaster by purchasing a 1lb or 2 lb Sonofresco roaster. These Fluid Bed Roasters are the most amazing machines that I have ever seen for small scale, artisan coffee roasting. Fluid Bed is truly the unsung hero of the roasting world and we are working ceaselessly to change that perception to become the champions of the industry! With our partner Sonofresco, that objective has a high probability of becoming a fact.

When you roast coffee the most important component is to roast it correctly and to not burn it. Many who have been drinking coffee from the Conglomerates have grown accustomed to tasting over roasted, burnt coffee. This is not the way it should be and you should have a better option available to you.

I often parallel coffee to a fine food and take that association to a fine Filet Mignon. You wouldn't pay to have your filet roasted past its profile so why would you do that with coffee. I recently ran into a roaster I know who told me that he has to roast coffee to the demands of his customers who mostly want over roasted bean. This need not be the case.

All coffees are not created equal. We need to parallel coffee more to wine including the specific soil conditions which is Terroir and to realize that every geographical region that produces coffee also needs to be roasted differently based on its soil conditions, micro climates and bean characteristics. Sound a lot like wine? It is!

With our Advanced Definition Roasting add on we can specifically tailor the coffees to the exacting specs of our customers. Here are a few examples:

1. Guatemala Huixoc. This is a fantastic shade grown coffee grown in the mountains of Guatemala. The proper roast profile for this coffee is to NOT take it into second crack and to begin the cooling process before 200 degrees centigrade. If you blow past the roast profile of this bean you will never get to taste what it is capable of in the cupping. With ADR, we can properly set up the beans profile and make insure that the profile parameters are always maintained. I do this manually too but the ADR package developed at Sonofresco automates this and delivers a coffee that is always roasted perfectly....every time!

2. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. One of the finest coffees in the world and it has a very narrow roast profile. If you blow past it in roasting the bean will lose its silky, spicy characteristics. Again, with ADR we also roast this bean to exacting standards but unlike the Guatemala Huixoc, we can take it into second crack and then pull it back in cooling to maintain its flavor integrity. Yirgacheffe comes from one of the most dangerous parts of the world and we always research our cooperative to make sure their practices in both coffee harvesting and worker treatment is above board. First Coffee Commandment: Know Thy Bean.

3. Panama La Esmerelda. I recently sampled this very amazing Geisha coffee from the plantation in Panama. All I can say is WOW! Coffee cupping yielded stable and amazing flavors with fruit and blackberry undertones. This coffee was roasted to 195 degrees centigrade and off gassed for 2 days before cupping. At $180.00 per lb or $90.00 per 8 ounces, this coffee has to delivery every time and it does! This is truly one of the best offerings on the planet.

February Customer Report:

I spoke with one of my long term customers this morning who purchased Symphony No.2 which is my latest double Ethiopian bean. The customer reported, "Smooth as usual with a slight smoky nuance, which I really liked."  Symphony No.2 is the latest extension of our award winning Symphony blend and allows for variance and change in the coffee without overpowering the flavor profile. Initial tests of this was made in our new Sonofresco Sample roaster at 120 grams and then cupped two days later and scored. Thanks to the new sample roaster we are able to roast many different bean variations at the industry standard 120 gram size which allows for more coffee cupping without having to drive to the wholesaler every time.

Exciting things continue to develop at TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany. I hope you consider joining the Coffee Club and beginning your experience with 100% Organic and Fair Trade coffee today!

Perhaps you would like to start your own coffee adventure by getting your very first 1 lb which includes the 120 gram sample roast mode. TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany can help you with that as well. These are amazing times in the world of coffee indeed!

Ken Graham
Artisan Coffee Consultant

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