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Introducing Our Newest Blend: SERENDIPITY!

One of the things I enjoy the most is cupping coffee and then deciding whether that coffee will work best as a Single Origin offering or as a blend. Sometimes, after getting a sample in, I will continue to test it and then get advice about pairings with other organic beans and then do a test of my sample control group.

I am happy to report the next installation of a coffee blend from TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany! I give you: SERENDIPITY. This blend is a harmonious 3 bean blend of organic Ethiopian and Indonesian beans. The taste is slightly spicy with a very smooth and sweet finish with a very amazing Terroir flavor coming from the soils of the coffees origins. We only use 100% Arabica beans and these coffees are fresh since they are purchased and kept stored here in green form until the roasting order is made.

To date, terms like : SMOOTH, AMAZINGLY TASTY, NEVER BURNT, DIMENSIONAL, COMPLEX have been used to describe the coffee offerings from TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany. We will continue to make our blends to appeal nicely to your taste buds.

Single origin coffees are also offered.

It has taken a lot of work to decide which blends to keep and which ones to discard. Like any good tester, we continue to benchmark our offerings based on industry standard cupping trends and then to see if we can achieve repeatable results.

Our new pricing plan is in effect and its selling more coffee!

The plan is as follows:

First pound (and it is a 16 ounce pound) is sold at $18.00

Join Coffee Club, billed every 3 months at a rate of $10.00 (you get a coffee tin)

Then, you can purchase our coffees at 1 lb for $15.00 or 2 lbs for $20.00.

Clearly, the 2 lb purchase is the more cost effective way and it brings your price per pound down to $10.00 per lb.

We will occasionally offer very high end coffees as well and Coffee Club members are discounted $10.00 off the per lb price. For instance, if we offer a Hacienda La Minita for $40.00 per lb. Coffee Club members get it for $30.00 per lb.

Talk Fusion Technology is soon to be embedded in our presentation too so I can start doing videos and you can see the processes used which will give you an even better understanding of the coffee biz. 

Symphony and Serendipity are from the same family of beans but have completely different tastes based on the beans chosen and how they are roasted.

The Air Roasting technique I use here at TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany also assures MAXIMUM FLAVOR while also enhancing BODY. These roasters really do enhance the best of both worlds!


-Ken Graham
Artisan Coffee Consultant.

Ask your self the question: DO YOU KNOW YOUR ROASTER?

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