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Welcome To July!

I spoke with my good friend Bill the other day who owns Superstition Coffee in Arizona and we both concur that offering high quality coffee that is hand selected  and then personally offered is the way to go for our clients! You love your coffee and it is with that conviction that your roaster, whoever that may be, has to love what they do as well in preparing it for you. That is the philosophy of any roaster who is involved in the Fourth Wave. The Fourth Wave is the smaller roaster who has rejected the mass production appeal in favor of the personal process and it is catching on as more and more of you want PERSONAL COFFEE.

The humble coffee bean is truly at the end of its journey by the time it gets to the warehouse in bag form ready for the roaster to put it in his or her warehouse as it waits to be roasted. In the coffee biz, this is where it gets diluted. Many roast hundreds of pounds and then ban them to a lonely shelf where they just sit as the coffee loses its freshness and flavor. This is not our way at TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany.

I encourage people to try drinking a store bought coffee or one from the chains after drinking the product I offer. More often than not, that individual can clearly see the differences between mass produced roasted coffee and FRESHLY ROASTED Hand Crafted Coffee. Once you have had fresh coffee, there is a high likelihood that you won't return to your previous coffee drinking ways.

Another one of my clients the other day told me that in the 6 months she has been getting my coffee deliveries that she and her husband have a new appreciation for coffee and are now discriminating enough in their tastes to accept or reject a coffee. In her case, she prefers my Symphony blend, which many do over a Central American Single Origin offering. Regardless of origin, it is important to develop this coffee tasting sense for yourself because it engages you in the PROCESS!

This is the best part of it all because you become involved in your coffee and you can choose personally what it is you prefer. We will always roast the coffee we offer correctly and to the sweet spot of the bean. It is up to you to decide which flavor characteristics you like best.

I have also been hard at work developing my own blends beyond Symphony and I am happy to report that I have a new amazing coffee coming soon. The method is to mix the blend and then cup it and then test it in a select group of people, gather their opinions, and then to make the release based on the testing. Engagement and involvement is the key here and I am thankful to have your opinions to help shape our coffee blends!

I can think of no better market research than to have you, my coffee client become involved in the selection of new origins as well. Think of yourself as a stakeholder in the process.

Many of you already have your own custom blends designed exclusively for your palette. My mentality in this amazing and interesting vocation of coffee roasting starts really with the desire to bring an amazing offering to the front by bringing out its best characteristics! When this is accomplished, you have not only a new coffee to offer, but you ENGAGE the customer, that is YOU, in the entire process of developing and offering that specific characteristic in coffee.

I again beg the question: DO YOU KNOW YOUR ROASTER? If you do not, it is time to try a new way of drinking coffee that was hand crafted on a per roast basis expressly for the taste needs of your palette. If you continue to drink coffee made in this fashion, I can also guarantee you that you, by default, will become personally involved in your coffee selection and you will also, by default reject lower grade or inferior coffee offerings.

Welcome to personally ARTISAN ROASTED COFFEE and that is the exact reason TEENYTINYCOFFEECOMPANY is at your SERVICE with this method.

Those who drink our coffees also know the Customer Service is STELLAR and enjoy the involvement and relationship that is derived between you and me in this amazing and educational pursuit of ARTISAN COFFEE!

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