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New Blends, Another Roaster, and Lots of Friends!

The coffee venture is taking off and I am enjoying every minute of it. Since learning new roasting temperature control techniques and how to apply them, I am seeing a definite improvement in our amazing coffees to a new level of repeatability!

I am convinced of the following:

Choosing the Sono Fresco Fluid Bed Air Roasters was absolutely the RIGHT business decision and it gives me the ability to deliver consistent and very flavorful coffee roasts to my customers.

While I have a considerable amount of experience on drum roasters, and I like them, I have to admit, I love the SONO FRESCO better! The big drawback for me in the drum arena is the need for an afterburner. The afterburner uses three times more energy than a drum roaster.

In compliance with air quality standards, I have intentionally designed TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany to function at the Boutique level where all roasts can be attended to with meticulous and loving attention to the beans being roasted. I want to avoid the "Factory Approach" to roasting coffee as well. WE use BACT or BEST AVAILABLE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. The Sono Fresco is the answer!

The Sono Fresco Air Roasters allow me to completely HANDCRAFT and give you, the much loved customer,  Artisan blends. This isn't to detract from the drum at all. In fact, Handcrafted and Artisan coffees are often profiled at various roast levels in a drum.

The huge and obvious difference is in TASTE and SMELL and how the coffee continues to taste over the 14-21 day freshness period. I will admit, after 21 days, the coffees taste like any other coffee. Therefore, FRESH ROASTED ARTISAN COFFEES should be consumed within 14 days. The Sono Fresco Air Roaster delivers consistent and continuous flavor and taste for the off-gassing period.

I received an email from a gentleman who enjoyed all of the things I say about what I am doing with the Sono Fresco Roasters and was so excited about it that he went out and purchased a new 1lb from Coffee Kinetics..the makers of the Sono Fresco!

I am excited for him  because one new Fourth Wave Roaster has been born and he rightly chose the best roaster for the most cost effective price. He and I have been in contact and I look forward to swapping some roasts with him. He is so excited about it  that he is considering starting his own venture! This is good!

I know this sounds like a blatant advertisement for Coffee Kinetics but I have to speak from my conviction that I had to choose the best roaster for what I wanted to achieve. I learned in Honors Biology in high school that "structure is related to function." I have literally structured my company around a roaster that allows me to construct a precision roast that you, the coffee consumer will want to buy over and over again, and do!


TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany continues to grow because we are not only passionate about coffee, and I have to thank my friends at Royal Coffee in Emeryville too, but also because we are able to deliver a repeatable product that is roasted properly every time in a roaster that gives us that freedom!

The Sono Fresco Air Roaster works and it is also a great way to gently roast the simple and lovely coffee bean in a wave of hot turbulent air that nets a product that rivals anything the larger conglomerates are producing. It can be repeated as well with accurate precision because the actual profiles built into the circuitry of the Sono Fresco is based on actual Drum Profiles from...wait for it...THE REAL WORLD!

Here is to Fourth Wave Roasting and I genuinely hope more of you discover the amazing experience that can be found in roasting coffee beans the way it should be, gently and with consideration for the beans sweet spot.

TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany has discovered this in the Sono Fresco Fluid Bed Roasters and I encourage you to discover this for yourself as well.

At TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany, our motto stands.."The Only Shelf Our Coffees Will Ever Sit On Is YOURS!"

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Ed Olson on Friday, June 29, 2012 11:03 AM
Hi Ken Great Web site Who did this was it you or orthers??? When is the BBQ party Ha Ha See you soon and keep up the good work EdO
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