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Small Business Development Seminar!

Today was a gorgeous day and it was perfect to take BART down to SFO and spend some time over at the Small Business Development Center taking a class called Kitchen To Market and taught by FOOD SAGE, Anni Mizzuno! Anni knows her stuff and she imparted a lot of information for all of us who are going to be the next Alfred Peet's, Julia Childs, and Thomas Keller's.

I also met a lot of people who, like me, are totally fed up with the corporate world and have struck it out on their own to change the world, ONE BITE or SIP at at time with amazing world class, artisan foods and of course COFFEE!

The energy in the class was amazing and the ideas that everyone had for their own ventures was equally wonderful and amazing. I heard so many wonderful concepts and ideas and it was Anni's job to make sure that we are taking a serious look at the requirements to be successful.

The people in the room were diverse and interesting. I know there is hope for the world because one individual, Deepa, has started a bagel company. When a corporate lawyer gives it up to make bagels, you know we aren't quite over yet and there is still hope and joy and innovation left in the world. Schmendrick's is the name and Hand-Rolled Brooklyn Bagels is their game! Sign up for an advance bagel announcement by going to schmendrick's.com.

There was "living innovation" in that room today and they all need to be drinking coffee from TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany. Collaboration is a large part of what we do with others and there can be no better way to dream up your next great thing by drinking truly great coffee and discussing your next great idea!

I also learned a new term today. No, it was not SUSTAINABILITY. That word has been overused and hyped. In reality, it's about lowering your Carbon Footprint to manageable levels. The term was "RADICAL TRANSPARENCY." I liked that term!

Mainly, BE WHO YOU ARE and be real! People want legitimate products made by human beings! Is that too much to ask in the age of mass everything?

This is the entire reason TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany is here. Our coffees are RADICALLY AMAZING, they are ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE, they are LOCALLY ROASTED and delivered or shipped and they most certainly do represent a true Artisan product.

 TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany wants to radically transform your world with demand that exceed's the ability of it to be serviced on store shelves. I have been saying this all along and it was confirmed today in the SBDC meeting. Sometimes it takes a meeting in a skyscraper in a big city with like minded individuals to drive the point home.

Added Value? YES! 1 FULL POUND! What else? WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Are operators standing by? No, I am. 707-637-3919.

Anni did an amazing job infusing the group of us with critical and needed information. I actually got the sense this group wants business to succeed and that is good because there is a perplexing matrix of regulatory nonsense to navigate out there in the real world. Anni is also an experienced hand in the world of food so when she talks, we all listened up with our best attention spans.

By the way, Anni loves TeenyTiny coffee! We delivered two pounds of Guatemala Huixoc RainForest Alliance today to her. I can't wait for the review to come in from her and her husband.

Contact us and make sure you check out the Schmendricks bagel site too. Our coffees are well paried with Schmendricks bagels...time to call Deepa for a meeting!

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Mike Garibaldi on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 7:28 AM
great coffee
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