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Welcome To The Freshest Coffee Ever!

A week ago I put out a call for people who have been trying coffees from TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany to feel free to offer a testimonial. I was amazed what I received back. I am absolutely in awe and humbled at the response and I want to thank all of you. We are now working on building a testimonials page. The very first comment that came in was from our good friend Andy Starr. I immediately posted it to the front page and we are working hard to take the concept of what is now known as Fourth Wave Coffee to a new level!

                             Our Marketing Model Is A Simple One

 1. Procure the finest bean possible. In this case, I am having fantastic results with Royal Coffee and they have been more than willing to share with me cupping results and also I go down there to participate in cupping to evaluate future single origins and blend.

2. Store the green bean in a temperature controlled environment so as to preserve it and keep it at optimal conditions prior to roasting. The coffee bean (it's a seed actually) is an agricultural product. It took an amazing journey from its origin as a red cherry, to pulping and processing (wet or dry method) and then it was dried and then evaluated again before it was then processed for packaging, bagging and shipping. Here in Northern California, we have some of the best conditions for storing bean as well.

3. ROAST ONLY UPON A ROAST ORDER! It is our commitment to ourselves and to you that our coffees are the freshest possible. This can only happen by utilizing this model. Since the company was started and operates in this fashion, it means that when you get your coffee, the roast date that is WRITTEN IN BY HAND, assures you that your coffee was indeed roasted on the day it was asked for. This method alone insures that TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany coffees are indeed FRESH!

4. The only shelf TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany coffees make it too are YOURS! We did an early marketing test involving analyzing shelf coffees. Many, not all are often sitting on a shelf too long and thus the coffee, however fine it is, goes past its optimum freshness profile. That is a sad state for coffee to be in. Many people have never had fresh coffee. When they do, they are amazed. With our unique roast and deliver model....you can..always.Be forewarned, many drink their first few lbs of our coffees very quickly.

5. Continued Market Analysis With YOU, our Valued Customer! I am listening, and want your opinions. We continue to follow the education model of teaching you what we know and learning from you. In that collaboration, we are able to work together to derive future models for company success. You are not just a customer and person who buys coffee from TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany, you are a STAKEHOLDER!

I invite you to experience coffee from TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany and see the amazing difference LIVE ROAST COFFEE makes and how your resultant life attitude improves too. Think about it, no chemicals, fertilizers or lower quality beans are ever allowed in our coffees. In the case of Decaf coffee, we only purchase ROYAL SELECT WATER PROCESS. All of our coffees were procured, stored, roasted and delivered with the commitment to quality and you in mind! It's the TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany way and we won't change it!

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