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The Power of a Fresh Cup of Coffee

Coffee is a powerful elixer and it has been so for thousands of years. The alluring drink causes people to seek its curative virtues that seem to give people the power to accomplish anything! Coffee allows people to face the day when all seems lost. Coffee, according to legend, made goats in a field dance as they ate the berry. It was this impetus, according to the story that motivated a simple shepherd to roast the bean and from it was derived, coffee in its roasted form.

Today, there are many forms of coffee to be found but there is one elusive form that seems to elude the most sophisticated of us...we are marketed to death about coffee but those same marketers fail to share the real truth..coffee is best served fresh from 100% Arabica bean. Add the fillers, the lower quality Robusta bean and roast it too long and the magic is lost.

I often feel I am really an alchemist charged with the very serious duty of understanding the bean so as to unlock its secrets and to coax it into the proper level of taste via the tested and true method of temperature and time. I also feel that the method I employ, the Fluid Bed Air Method derives some of the finest coffee ever found on the planet!

As I travel and share the benefits of our "Live Roast Coffees", I find that people are first bewildered and then amazed at the resultant brew. I hear it everyday that I share the "Gospel of Coffee" with people and I stay with them to educate them past their perceived and learned behaviors. When their eyes are opened, they most often not want to return to their former patterns and habits of coffee sampling. I refer to this a  full on COFFEE CONVERSION! Try our new ROAD TO DAMASCUS BLEND! :)
Gaining  the understanding that coffee, and I am referring to really great coffee, need not suffer from the qualities we find in lesser versions that are questionable to be called coffee in the first place.

1. "Why is your coffee not bitter and why can I drink it black and perceive sweetness?"

Answer: That is a really great question. Firstly, there are two types or genus of coffees. The first type is ARABICA and the second type is ROBUSTA. The genus Arabica shrub, meaning from where the bean originated is large and is known to produce the highest quality coffee. The genus ROBUSTA is a smaller shrub and produces lower quality coffee and is not a component of what we would call non bitter coffee. In other words, when a coffee is bitter, it most likely is ROBUSTA and that is not a desirable component of smooth, bitter free coffee. ROBUSTA is used in some Espresso blends to give it a "bite" and while that is a defect in my opinion, it is desired by some.

The second part of question 1 is caused by UNROASTED SUCROSE COMPONENTS remaining in the carbohydrate of the bean. In other words, if you don't over roast a coffee bean, sugar will remain in its mass. This unroasted sucrose is translated to the coffee in its brewed form and sweetness is perceived.  Unfortunately, most people have been used to drinking ROBUSTA coffee and with its resultant bitter compounds, they have been conditioned to "doctor up" their coffee to a sweet and milky concoction that I call a MOCHA.

2. Your coffees are always smooth and never bitter. How do you accomplish this every time?

Many mysteries of coffee can be solved by examining the components going into it. If you use low grade Robusta bean, you are going to have a resultant coffee that has bitter aftertaste. However, if you carefully select your ARABICA bean in a cupping session and become involved in every coffee you offer including insuring that it is organic and Fair Trade, you are going to have a higher end coffee as the result.

TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany is committed to the process of selecting only the finest bean. While I have never trekked up a mountain to see the coffee plantation....YET, I have been involved and am involved in the process of knowing the beans origin, how it was picked, how it was processed and finally to see if it "passes muster" by cupping the bean. In some cases, we have had to wait for a second shipment of the bean to see if it retained a higher quality. This process is slower but it does insure that every coffee we offer will be of the highest quality.

That is my secret to truly great coffee and I am proud of it. While there are other components to this, this is the foundational principles we use to make sure we start with the best bean before we commit to a bag of it.

Join us next time when we discuss coffee grinders! The question that begs an answer is: "BLADE OR BURR?" The answer is Burr, but I will share with you as scientifically as possible why you should always use a burr grinder for your coffee brewing.

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