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From Media Consulting and Video Engineering to Coffee

People ask me all the time why I got into coffee and how I got into coffee. Coffee and I have a long and interesting connection together. When I worked for Pacific Bell Corporate Television in San Francisco, I used to visit coffee shops on my lunch hour in pursuit of amazing coffee. It was in San Francisco that I also got into another hobby: Artisan Beer Brewing. I met Fritz Maytag one day in 1994 and he was passionate about beer brewing too. Maytag came from the family that made the washers and dryers. His father thought he was nuts that he wanted to buy the old Anchor Steam Brewery, but the rest is history. Mr. Maytag told me that in order to do well at something, one has to find what they are best at and excel at it. For many years, this was Video Editing, Video Engineering and Video Consulting. To this day, I am still involved in video consulting and I enjoy teaching others about it.
 In 1998, while doing a video segment on a local coffee roaster, I had the opportunity to learn to roast on an old Probat drum roaster. It was both fun and terrifying. I learned about the Exothermic heat reaction called First Crack where you actually can hear the coffee beans snapping as CO2 is released and the flavor profile development happens. During this process, the magic of coffee takes shape!

I am a man of deep hobbies and I do love to learn. Learning is probably the single driving force behind all of my endeavors. It's why I pursued a Photography degree, its why I flew sailplanes and its why I now roast coffee on  the level of artisan handcrafted coffee. Coffee is more than what you drink. Coffee is a journey that starts in another country, it involves hard working farmers and coffee coops, and it then takes you to the understanding of the entire distribution network as it lands here in the United States at a broker where you pick it up and receive it green. You then learn that it isn't a bean at all..coffee in its green form is a seed. A seed that can be planted!

I can share with you, whatever it is you do..do it with passion and zeal. If you do, you too will find the secret of successful people who have learned that in receiving knowledge it is far more blessed to give.

In that quest of self improvement, I choose to give the best of myself in the artisan coffee venture I call...the most amazing hobby a person can have!

My business is the business of coffee consulting and sharing the knowledge of the amazing coffee bean. I also plan to deliver that in a video production where the sharing of information about the world coffee markets can help you, the end user and coffee lover to learn even more.

Whatever it is you do, choose to apply the best of yourself to it and the rest will fall into place.


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