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How much coffee do I use?

Welcome to your Thursday ladies and gentleman. Tomorrow is Friday! It can only get better as the weekend nears. Many of you languish all week in hopes of drinking great coffee during the weekend. There are so many ways to make coffee. The single most popular method is drip. Followed by the French Press method and  Percolated. Percolator coffee and French Press are two of my favorite ways to infuse the flavor of coffee into that perfect cup. Percolator gives it a caramel taste and French Press infuses all the amazing flavors the coffee bean has right into the water.

A question will eventually confront you as you press on with learning more about coffee..how much coffee does one measure?

Herein is a helpful guide to your coffee pursuits.

 Firstly, if you haven't invested in one yet, get a BURR GRINDER. The blade grinder pulverizes the bean into dust and thus was born the term, "cup of mud." The burr grinder shaves cross sections of the bean and you can select the grind courseness resulting in a grind that does not damage the bean or impart off flavors in the final cup.

French Press coffee demands COURSE. Drip method and Percolator are best with a MEDIUM grind. Espresso and Turkish require FINE with Turkish being the most extreme grind.

This am, I heated FILTERED water and got my French Press ready to go. As the water heated to 200 degrees F, I broke out my BURR GRINDER, selected COURSE, and ground some freshly roasted Huila Columbian beans.

Using a HEAPING TABLESPOON, I measured out 4 to 4.5 spoonfuls and placed them in the French Press. I would recommend performing the grind within minutes of having your hot water ready to pour. Coffee grounds can lose their flavor quickly and the entire purpose is to have the freshest tasting cup.

Pour the hot water into the French Press with the grounds. You will immediately notice  that the coffee becomes frothy and has a crust to it. This is referred to as the crust and let it sit for 60 seconds or so. Then, with a chopstick or wooden spoon, stir  the coffee and break the crust allowing the coffee to mix in the water. The resultant foam will be carmelly and brown and foamy. This is referred to as CREMA.

At 3 minutes of infusion, place the press in the coffee and plunge! Pour a cup and commence having amazing coffee.

French Press is ideal because you can visually see all the happenings of what the coffee goes through in the process of brewing. In the drip method, all you see is water going through grounds and brown water falling into a carafe.

French Press coffee also infuses the flavors by "blooming" then releasing those infusions into the hot water. I often refer to the resultant taste as "PURE YUMM".

If you don't use enough grounds, you will have coffee tea as the final result.

If you are into measuring your grounds 4-5 ounces of coffee will make enough for 8 cups or so.

Experiment, try your hand at it and enjoy the fruits of your labor. All of these techniques are designed to make your coffee the best it can be. Be open minded and allow for mistakes to be made in the process. That is called learning.

You have heard the statement, "Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result defines insanity." If you are going to make coffee, make it "insanely great!" 

Coffee done well is an art and investing in a French Press and some great filtered water boiled to 200 degrees F and the best FRESHLY ROASTED coffee you can acquire is the foundation to making some of the most amazing coffee you have ever sipped.

If you need some coffee, let me know, I happen to have some amazing beans in stock as well!

Here is to a great cup of amazing coffee and to an even more amazing day!


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