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Having a cup of coffee...the "Old Fashioned Way"

French Press Coffee Ready for to taste!Remember those commercials for a well known financial institution years ago narrated by the late John Houseman? John spoke of the virtues of investing with an organization that was time tested and had stood the markets based on a very successful formula. At the conclusion of the commercial, the camera did a closeup of the old man and he looked like an old college professor that was a bit fed up with the students who just weren't getting it. The camera moved in closer as John looked directly into it and in his best Eastern accent with a bit of blue blood overnotes said, "At Smith Barney, we do things, the OLD FASHIONED WAY."

As I sat here this morning, I thought of that commercial. Having worked in television engineering and film editing over the last 20 years, I think about a lot of commercials that share some critical information in the 30 second framework that compels you to want to buy their products.

This morning, I made my coffee...the old fashioned way. I curated those green beans and personally selected them in a cupping. I went down to pick up the bag from the broker who buys only the finest coffee's. I made a space for that coffee in my warehouse and I roasted that coffee to perfection. What was left to do? Why make coffee of course...the OLD FASHIONED WAY!

In the age of instant everything, we have to keep alive some traditions that honor methods of preparation that must not be lost. Making coffee in a French Press is one such way to make coffee the OLD FASHIONED WAY. Try it, you'll love it!

The final form of French Press coffee ready to enjoy!French Press Coffee Ready to Serve!Boiling Water to 200 degrees for French Press Coffee

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