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SYMPHONY An Eclectic mix of Ethiopian and Indonesian beans.  The term, "PURE YUMM" was born on this blend! This is the ARTISAN SIGNATURE BLEND $20.00 per 16 oz lb.

 Espresso Blends...there are over 20 of them! $20.00 per 16 oz lb. Espresso bean is roasted to the Vienna roast level and off gassed for maximum flavor.

  ORGANIC SUMATRA The Coffee that started it all. This wonderful Organic, Fair Trade coffee offers earthy and balanced flavors to the hilt! $18.00 per 16 oz lb.

Guatemala Huixoc RainForest This coffee has both acidity and full body. Lemon hints and citrus and a chocolate finish. One of the very Best offerings from Central America. $18.00 per 16 oz lb.
(An amazing Single Origin Coffee!)

100% Organic/FAIR TRADE Coffee Roasted To Perfection! Do not be tricked into the weights and measures nightmare. At TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany, our coffees are 16 ounce fully measured! We want your business forever and purchasing an honest pound of Organic, Fair Trade Coffee is a perfect start!