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from Coffee Kinetics has
become the benchmark on
which all of our coffees are roasted and delivered and it insures that the coffee reaches its freshness zenith in as little as one day and continues after the coffee has made it to your shelf.

TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany has chosen the Sonofresco Fluid Bed Roasting System as our "Roaster of Choice" for delivering our handcrafted, artisan coffees to a mature coffee market that demands quality over quantity and that can be delivered minutes after roasting. We are proud to be partnered with the Sono Fresco team to promote Fluid Bed Air Roasting as one of the premier ways to get the coffee bean to its highest profiled peak of freshness and aromatic purity. Our business model is sustained in the partnership of working with an American company that delivers a roasting product that we can benchmark our coffees on and deliver in a consistent and timely fashion to our customers.

Thank you to Jerry, Carol, Robert, Sean, Anna and the team at Coffee Kinetics who have provided stellar service and amazing support.

As of November 2013, TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany offers Advanced Definition Roasting developed collaboratively with Coffee Kinetics and the Sonofresco team to deliver even higher precision bean profiling and flavor for an exacting standard consistent with the highest standards of the coffee industry.

-Ken Graham
Artisan Coffee Consultant