TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany - Company Message
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TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany, values you, our customer who has chosen to purchase the best grown coffee
 available on the planet. It is delivered to you
with your health in mind and your long term consideration of purchasing coffees that were grown in countries observing organic methods and Fair Trade practices.

TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany has aligned itself directly with Coffee Plantations to purchase green coffee bean
 at the pinnacle of freshness so the coffee can
then be roasted and delivered without shelf time.
                                We do not treat the coffee bean as a commodity.

We see it for what it is, a high quality food product that needs to
be treated with the ultimate of respect and with consideration from where it
came and how it was picked, processed and finally delivered to you.

Providing to you a coffee that is maintained at its optimum freshness for peak
flavor development with our ROAST ON DEMAND, order today, deliver
tomorrow process. Coffee that does have to be shipped enjoys off gassing of
CO2 and maximum flavor development in one way valve bags and arrives to
you as completely fresh roasted to order coffee bean.

We will educate, inform and deliver the best coffees, the most current
information and the most competitive pricing to you so you can begin to
experience truly fresh and delicious coffee as you never have before!

That is our aim and our mission is YOU!
Ken W. Graham
President, TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany