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Sono Fresco, the makers of the 1 and 2 lb coffee roasters for home and business and TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany have together launched ADVANCED DEFINITION ROASTING by adding a new blue-tooth app that communicates directly from a laptop to the roaster and allows us to design roasts to the exact specification of our customers needs. Recently, in an undisclosed location we tested our roaster against a leading commercial drum roaster for taste and the results astounded all of us in the blind cupping phase.

In 3 out of 5 tests against the drum roaster, the Sono Fresco Air Roaster coupled with Sono Fresco Profile Software, beat the drum roast in 3 out of 5 tests and equaled it in 2 out of 5 tests. The day where the drum roaster and the air roaster can work side by side has arrived.  Jerry Whitfield and Robert Penrose and the entire Sono Fresco team has achieved a historic and landmark event in the history of coffee roasting.

TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany was the commercial test bed where the viability of these roasters was proven after a showing at CoffeeFest in Seattle by Coffee Kinetics the makers of the Sono Fresco roaster.

"We are honored to be a part of the Sono Fresco team and to continue to advance the science and art of coffee roasting. Our customers continue to experience an evolutionary move forward in our processes and how we roast coffee. As always, the final results are experienced first hand in the cup," said Ken Graham, President of the TeenyTinyCoffeeCompany.

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